Xerocon South 2017

Bigger & Better

It had been 2 years since we had attended Xerocon in Melbourne and what a change we saw.  3000 plus attendees and some exciting announcements from the Xero team.  

We started our week with a presentation to the Xero direct sales team at their head office in Melbourne.  It was awesome to get a chance to showcase the progress we’ve made directly to the team who are talking to SMBs all day everyday.  The following is a link to our presentation if you interested  Xero & Exsalerate CRM.  We focussed on how we are leveraging the Xero API to provide the most value to our users.

In the evening we hosted drinks with our mates from Ocius Digital at the Ludlow Bar for the Xero Masterminders.  A good night was had by all with lots of great conversation and a good warm-up for the days to come.

Day One Wednesday

Exciting growth number announced by Rod Drury, we’re proud to be among the 600 verified apps.


Next up Rod announced the new features, always a bit of nervous time for an add-on just in case Xero has decided to build your features into its core, PHEW no CRM features so we’re all good.

The HQ APPS was the area of most interest to us as I think there is awesome scope for us to integrate into HQ.  How powerful would it be to have reminders of the clients you haven’t spoken to for 90 days and you have no scheduled activity for, popping up in your activity feed?


Day Two

More excellent presentations on a wide range of initiatives all culminating in an awesome Block party.

If I had to describe Xerocon in one word it would be INSPIRING.

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