WorkflowMax Quotes Integration

WorkflowMax Quotes in Exsalerate

We’ve upgraded our WorkflowMax integration so now when a quote is created in WorkflowMax an opportunity will be added to your Exsalerate pipeline and we’ll automatically assign a follow-up activity to the Account Manager.  

How it Works

Turn on WorkflowMax quotes in Settings>WorkflowMax Integration then choose the stage in your sales process to add the quote to and the Follow-up activity for the Account Manager to complete.

WFM Quotes

When you issue a quote to an existing customer in WorkflowMax the Opportunity is added to your Exsalerate pipeline with the Quote Number and Company Name in brackets. WFM Quotes Pipeline.jpg

The activity is created in your Account Managers ToDo list for today so they can choose the best time to follow-up.WFM ToDo

Make sure your team follows up every opportunity!

If you’re logged into Exsalerate click this link to turn on quotes now!

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