Xero Integration Enhancements

3 New Integration Features

Today we’re excited to tell you about the latest improvements to our Xero integration. Click the links below to view the videos or read the full blog post to learn more.

  • Create invoices  in Exsalerate ready for approval in Xero.
  • Quotes sent from Xero appear in your pipeline and we automatically create a follow-up activity.
  • Make sure your customers are getting enough LOVE with our Account Management Dashboard!

Xero Invoices

Admins and authorised users are now able to create draft Xero invoices in Exsalerate and to send ready for approval in Xero.  When you’ve sent the invoice the appropriate team member(s) will be notified that there is an invoice ready for their approval in Xero.

New Invoice

All you have to do in Exsalerate settings is authorise the users that need this capability and add the team members who you want to be notified about the draft invoices.


Xero Quotes

When you create a quote in Xero and blind copy it into Exsalerate we automatically create an opportunity and a follow up activity meaning you will close a much higher percentage of deals.

To activate this feature is select the Xero integration in settings and choose the Opportunity Phase and Follow up Activity Type for your quote.


 Account Management Dashboard

Our new Account Management Dashboard leverages the data from Xero to give you a snapshot of your clients financial activity including month to date spend, year to date spend, lifetime value and last 12 months spend.  The dash board also segments your customers according to when you last contacted them.  This all helps ensure your clients are getting the love they deserve.

Account Management.jpg

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